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Our History

Scottish freemasonry in Jamaica began in May 1771. As freemasonry blossomed and diversified in Scotland, freemasonry also grew and blossomed in Jamaica, with the meeting places concentrated wherever the gentry and commercial activity was concentrated. The oldest Royal Arch Chapter in Jamaica and indeed  the Americas is Glenlyon No. 62. It was consecrated in February 1846, and sponsored by The Glenlyon Lodge N0. 346. This Chapter was named after Lord Glenlyon 6th of Athole, whose family were major merchants of that era, and was the grand Master Mason in 1843.  The Glenlyon Royal Arch Chapter has worked continuously since its consecration, making it the oldest Scottish Royal Arch Chapter in existence outside of Scotland.

The Glenlyon Royal Arch Chapter was the only Chapter working the Royal Arch degrees until 1970, when three more Chapters were formed:- St. John No. 821, Excelsior No. 822 and Seville No. 823. St. John and Excelsior were headquartered in Kingston...

Our Leadership

Grand Superintendent 

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Initiated into Lodge of St. Andrew #1684 SC in 1985. Exalted in Surrey RA Chapter 3865 in 1990. First Principal 1992.  Received the RWMM in the Surrey RA Chapter in 1998. Installed as Noah in the Glenlyon Lodge and Council No. 62 in 2000 and T.I.M. in the Glenlyon Cryptic Council No. 62 in 2000. Founder (Haggai) in 2007 within the Allan Marsh Chapter No. 889 and First Principal in 2008. Founder and Treasurer within the Middlesex Kilwinning Lodge and Council No.839 in 2019. Conferred DSM in the Glenlyon Lodge and Council in 2014. Appointed Depute Grand Superintendent in the DGRAC of Jamaica in 2015. Holds the Honarary Rank of Honorary Grand First Sojourner in 2016. Installed as Grand Superintendent of the DGRAC of Jamaica in 2018.

Masonic resume for Dr. Marcel Anderson

MEC Dr. Marcel Anthony Anderson, Ph.D MSc BSc FJIM FNIH

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